Thursday, December 08, 2011

December Birthday Wishes

 This is my special post for The Crafters's Companion blog this week.
I don't know about you but I have lots of December birthday greetings to send.  I think December babies get a little lost in the holiday I always make sure to send friends celebrating a birthday this month both a birthday and a Christmas card.  These two cards feature fabulous art I downloaded from my Popcorn the Bear Birthday CD.
 I really need you to see these cards lying down.  They are really three dimensional.
 This is what my computer screen looked like when I was browsing through the Popcorn CD.  These two sheets are favorites.  I love the bright colours.
 One of the cards I made is a classic pyrimage and the second is a pyrimage twister.  I like to build these 3D images up with dimensional glue.
 One card is a gate fold which I made in seconds on my Ultimate (no measuring required)!
 The twister card needs a little extra thought as you build up the layers.  By using glue I have the opportunity to move things into place like I did with layer two...which was askew....
 The classic pyrimage turned out beautiful!  I glued some real ribbons over the printed ones to add one more layer.
December are on there way!


Eileen Bergen said...

How sweet, Carmi. What dimensional glue do you use? Fabric glue.

I wish someone would send me that classic pyrimage one (I learned a new word today!).

My birthday’s Christmas Eve.

Eileen Bergen said...


My birthday present from you arrived!

I can't believe you went to all that trouble because I said how much I liked the pyrimage card.

It didn't get squished at all on its 2300+ mile trip and is (of course) even lovelier in 3D than in the photos.

I know just what I'll do with it. My sister's birthday is in late October. That means I get to admire it for the next 10 months ;-)

Carmi said...

I am so happy it arrived intact!
Yeah to finding it a worthy home!