Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Colours and Things From Our Walkabout Today

We covered a lot of ground today.  From the 4rth district to the 2nd and then back to the 3rd.  We saw so many pretty things.  Anything embroidered is special in my book.
 I also love brightly painted things.
Here is a craft I am thinking about bringing home.  Styrofoam garden gnomes.  All you need to do is spray paint them.  Imagine them with glitter!!!
The macroons are multi-coloured.  Avoid purple.....we thought it might be blueberry.  It was lavender and tasted like a nice soap.
 Ah Mona.  Against black or the French Blue Red and White.  She always looks great.
 Polka dots are everywhere!  Prepare for a North American invasion next year.
Finally, the last thing we saw before heading into the apartment.  The tower looks majestic and the red awning is lovely.


Christina said...

You must get some gnomes to keep the big guy company in the snow!


What a fun shopping day you had in Paris. Makes me want to be back there right now.
Are you staying in the 7eme? I love that area.
Have a wonderful time.

claudine hellmuth said...

LOVE the tote bag with the purse drawing on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I was there with you! How many more days? Should I click my ruby red slippers together or find a cheap flight? Love the pix in the mean time...xxdove