Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My First Bisous Card Set!

I only discovered the magical paper collections designed in Canada by Bisous at the end of 2010. A woman walked by my Christmas One of a Kind show booth wearing the most interesting necklace. 30 minutes later we realized how much we had in common. It was a great chat and earlier this year Suzanne Carillo the designer and owner of the company shipped me a box of her kits and embellishments!

Bisous has a wonderful website with their art, samples and the online shop.
The kit and all the papers I used can be found here. The kits were designed for scrapbookers but as I always say, if paper is really good you can do a lot with it. This set of card stock paper is named "Delight." It features the loveliest Asian themed dolls and the collaged backgrounds are super!

I decided to use parts of the paper to make up these lovely buttons. Let me tell you...I could have made 100 buttons...there was so much art to choose from.
The paper is so decorative that if you enjoy collage you'll have a great time deciding what parts of the 12 x 12 paper you want to work with.

This circular themed collage section was cut from one section of paper and added to this wonderful background piece. The butterfly I made from a scrap I would not be using. I placed the button into a gold cabochon to make it even prettier.
This dolly easily stood out without embellishment.
I was thinking about Japan when I made it and the beautiful Kokeshi doll my friend Karen brought back from Japan last fall.

Glitter made this design pop from the background paper it was layered to.

This card is my favorite. I used the sheet below to make it.

This is the 12 x 12 sheet I cut up fr the card above. I continued the design around the back of the card too! Isn't this paper amazing?

I had planned to make 6 cards with this set...but I have so much paper still left that I just had to make one last card in this smaller size.

This entire set of cards was inspired by the "Delight Kit." Imagine the scrapbook you could have made instead. Bisous kits are limited edition...and when they sell out, they are gone! They are having a huge sale in their store now!

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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE what you've created! I knew these could make amazing cards.