Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Bunny Sachet

This is one of those projects when I have to ask myself if I wanted to make the item or the packaging.

Yesterday I showed you the card I made with one of the "My Craft Studio" digital images printed on fabric.

Today I took the image of the bunny and sewed it to the hearts background to make this little sachet. I poured in some lavender I brought home from Paris and some cotton batting. My studio has never smelled so good! I want to pour lavender into everything!

I attached a little crocheted ribbon to the bottom of the sachet.

Then the fun began! I needed a gift box! Out came my Crafter's Companion Ultimate - the world's easiest box maker! The score lines are already measured to make both a top and a bottom for any box.

Once you score the fold lines you need to cut a little triangle out of each corner.

Then I glued the edges in place to make sure my box was sturdy.

A little tissue in the bottom and my sachet has a lovely resting spot. This is the perfect little Easter gift to give my Mom!


  1. Just adorable - and you make the box creation look so easy!

  2. Carmi, that's adorable!

    I'm so excited!! The last time you featured the Crafter's Companion, it was not available in the U.S. Now it is!!!

    I'm clicking right over to buy one. Thank you.