Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flocked Velvet Wallpaper Necklace

Yes, these cabochons are holding flocked velvet wallpaper buttons!

I am sorting all the paper in my studio and decided to pull out my collection of wallpaper. I don't have any on my walls but I sure do like it for special art cards. Velvet wall paper is very when I use a piece it's like gluing a $1 or $2 bill to my card.

This piece is very thick. The black section feels like leather. It gave me an idea. I wondered if I could make some buttons from it.

When you make buttons you need to use a thin piece of mylar as the final layer in order to press the button. The mylar gives it a shiny appearance though and I didn't want to lose the ability to touch velvet.

Without the mylar the wallpaper tore in the button press. So I used extra tape to keep the paper from ripping and managed to make three buttons.

After attaching the buttons to the cabochons I used some basic tools to attach my necklace together.

I know this necklace would not hold up well if it rained.....but it sure is pretty indoors!


  1. These are adorable. I think they are so cute! Great job.

  2. It sure is pretty indoor OR anywhere!!