Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Jeweled Button

'I have written many posts about the buttons I make. This Frida button may be a new favorite.

Most days I make the button and try to figure out later what else I can add to it...especially if I am using it for an art card embellishment. Some of my buttons become magnets and those ordinarily stand alone without a dangle or extra attachment. Today's buttons though were inspired by the tear drop rhinestones I found in a grab bag. ( I often pick up grab bags if I am in a jewelery wholesaler because a lot of my resin work needs tiny embellishments that a grab bag can provide.) Knowing my jewels were light purple and black I started to look through my digital art images to see which might look great together. I selected a Frida and Marie image.

My button machine is in a fun place in my studio. These foam face mats are here because they are quite thick and keep the tools from sliding.
On their own, the buttons were quite pretty. I know they would sell quickly as fridge magnets.

But glammed up...they are so much better! I think I might attach a bin back though. I think they would be very pretty brooches after all.


Leslie Jane Moran said...


Irene said...

I must say that of all the designs with Frida in them is is the only one I found attractive. I'm sort of freaked out by those eyebrows. I want to pluck...

Carmi said...

Hi Irene!
I know, this is a very "pretty" Frida....rare in her collection.
Title: Self Portrait 1926
Painted by: Frida Kahlo
Year: 1926

me again said...

Could you maybe put a bale on these and make them a pendant? I'd wear Frida around my neck for sure :-)

Suze Weinberg said...

ok...that's it...I wanna button machine now.

Jeannie said...

The buttons are awesome. Actually this is one of the mose "attractive" pictures I've seen of Frida.

Edie said...

Your button machine looks like a more "professional' model than the ones I've seen - can you share the brand or model?


Carmi said...

Tecre is the company name of the button machines I like.