Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard To Photograph Foil

Yes, I can hear you screaming!
"NOOOOOOOO. Not Christmas already!!"
Welcome to an art card makers world. I have to start my Christmas card production.
Really. I have to start now or I'll be pulling a month of all nighters in November. And, I have a really good incentive to start this year! These samples are made with the next pads of 3 Birds card stock I will be representing on The Shopping Channel.

It is the most beautiful foil card stock I have ever had access to in such an amazing array of colours that I have been cutting things out of it like a crazy person. It is perfect for Christmas cards so I went to my Cricut stash to see what images I had on my various cartridges. After I cut out all these deer I realized that the left over 12 x 12 card stock was a fantastic new background. I am playing with which paper to layer under it now.

It really is difficult to photograph. That will be an extra assignment for me this week too. I am sure I can do better than this. Aren't these reindeer the cutest in bright red? I wish I had them life size!

I'll focus on non Christmas too though. Foil.
I think it is just one more fabulous layer for me to work with.
I'll try to figure out a way to wear it!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Ahhhhh all too soon, back to good hair days and WINTER!

My word verification is "wintic"...coincidence??? I think NOT!

Have fun and stay cool today. Probably the hottest day we've had all SUMMER.

nancy said...

only 189 day left!!!
but you will have no problem meeting your goal!!!

Susan Williamson said...

Hmmm. I'm fresh from reading lennie's blog and her post on printing on foil. I'll have to get some of this paper that's for sure.