Friday, May 28, 2010

The Turtles and Susan Lenart Kazmer Bezel

A few weeks ago I did a post featuring a necklace I made with these vintage turtle beads from Paris. I have tried several different ways to show them off in a necklace. I had the light pink one's out on a table when this bezel came to my attention.

This is a hand made Susan Lenart Kazmer bezel. Many of you know that her new jewelery components line was released at Michaels last week. I bought this bezel after participating in a two day workshop with her. I also bought one of her necklaces which I am thrilled to own now that Susan is so busy and popular!

Some time ago I filled the bezel with this floral image and added it to my "too good to use" pile.
But yesterday I decided to introduce my turtles to the bezel. One evening of TV later I have yet another necklace to enjoy. The bezel may end up in another necklace at some point in the future. But at least it is out of the drawer and acting as the focal point it was meant to be. Does anyone else have one of her original bezels? Did you use it?


Maija said...

I have several of her original bezels that I have had for years and haven't used yet!! I also own a couple of her pieces!!

Suze Weinberg said...

I have now officially lost my mind over this necklace...turtles be is SPECTACULAR !

Carmi said...

I bet there are a lot of her bezels in a few folks stash. I have one more...and I am using it this week!

Joanne Huffman said...

I have a few of her bezels (from the two classes I've taken from her over the past 3 years) and so far I am just hoarding them. The necklace is delightful.