Saturday, May 29, 2010

Me and Mr. Travelocity

There is a huge new gnome in the garden. Even though gnomes have been a popular garden ornament for decades, many of us think of them as the Travelocity mascot now.

He was at a garden statue centre where we were looking for a bigger piece for the front of our house. Nestled among these cement mushrooms I just knew "we had to have him." All winter long I enjoyed his commercials where he mumbled under his breath "got to get out of here."

Mr. Travelocity needed a tropical vacation. I did smile at all the snow he was griping about. I love winter, snow and cold cool air. Summer....not so much.

He was installed on Sunday, and coincidentally, our air conditioner died later that day. We are in the midst of an unusual extreme heat wave so going an entire week without air conditioning has been very hard. If you saw me this week you might have heard more than a few "got to get out of here" mumblings too. Alaska is looking like a sweet destination for me right now.

Here's hoping the new air conditioner gets installed today. Otherwise, I might think Mr. Travelocity is a jinx.