Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gone With The Wind Inspired Curtain Necklace

This necklace is inspired by that famous scene in Gone With The Wind when our leading lady decides to turn the velvet drapes into a dress.  
Even as I child I thought "why not."
Everything can be repurposed and refashioned.
So this necklace is what I would have made with the curtain tie backs.

This gorgeous tie back and tassel is only $5 in the John Bead Outlet.
I know.  $5 is a steal.

I cut off several of the individual tassels.  These already have a nice knotted loop I can add a jumpring through.

When I cut through fibers I wrap the area with tape so that everything does not unravel.

See, cut, secured and perfect.

Now the ends are easy to glue into an endcap.  I use Beacon's Quick Grip because it absolutely works for these types of projects.

My last touch was to attach this $10 scarf bead from my local consignment store; My Sister's Closet Boutique.

Curtain tie back to necklace!

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