Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Art Yarn Becomes Scarf With A Zippy Loom

Drum roll please!
This is my very first knitted scarf.
And by knitted, I mean I knit it myself!

It is common knowledge amongst my crafty girlfriends that I have long aspired to become rumplestiltskin.  When word got out that I was signed up to take a spinning class...not the workout actual INTERVENTION was organized.  They gathered at a dinner to let me know that buying a spinning wheel was not a good idea for someone who 
could not knit or crochet.
In fact, my girlfriend's crossed a major line and included my hubby in the discussions.....

So learning how to spin had to happen without me buying an actual spinning wheel for my studio.
Luckily, over a year ago I took a class at the Creativ with an expert.  The class was called:


How could I resist?
This was the wonky but fabulous ball of spun wool I made in class.  I loved it!

Spinning is not easy.  In fact, it is a bit of a workout and I know I will need many more practice hours.  Then life intervened and my studio got packed up and I moved to a new town.  Spinning was placed on the back burner along with learning how to knit or crochet....I just can't seem to make those hooks or needles work.

BUT THEN I SAW THE ZIPPY TOOL!  If kids can can I.

This is the inexpensive loom I learned on.

I got my spun wool out.  It is thick and thin in places because it was my very first time operating a spinning wheel.

One hour later I had this cool and artsy scarf!  
Instead of finishing my ends with wool stitches I felted the ends.

I added a button and promptly wore it out for a walk.

I am in love with my loom.

Three more scarfs are being created with some of my art yarn stash.

Next up, a longer loom!