Sunday, June 07, 2015

The Fabulous Designer Components by Dee Perry!

Meet Dee Perry.
I asked her to be my new best friend after spending time with her at the Bead and Button show in Milwaukee this week.
When I saw Dee's booth I did not pay any attention to anything but the small eclectic collection of glass electroplated and enameled components featured in two small trays on her side table.
(you can see the two white trays just by her elbow in the picture)
These two glass components were my first exposure to Dee's work.
I was totally smitten!  I wanted every piece in the tray and managed to stop with just these two beads which are about six inches long.  Bead is really not the right word.  I am sure this is a better descriptor for these.
I have never seen anything like them.  Unique, one a kind and very time consuming to craft.
I am crazy for the copper.
Then Dee asked if I had seen the pendants at the front of the booth.
Sweet Mother of Pearl.
How many could I take home?
This piece is stunning.
I have plans and more plans to show it off.
I bought my pieces on Thursday night, which is known as the special preview shopping night.
This is a consumer's opportunity to get a first look at designer new pieces and you can buy them first too!  It was not until I came back to chat the next day that I realized Dee's booth was not about her personal work.  She creates and wholesales the most spectacular collection of designer clasps -  
She owns Bead Need, the oldest bead store in Fort Lauderdale -
I have got to get to Florida to watch this woman work!