Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rings By Giovanna Blog Hop

I think one of my favorite jobs is to coordinate blog hops that involve my friends.

On the Dazzle-it blog I have been sharing some of the projects featured in the new “Rings by Giovanna” beading manual just released.  This manual is the first of a series that will showcase projects featuring Czech seed beads from the Dazzle-it Collection.  For our debut issue, we commissioned bead weaving artist Giovanna Fiume to create a collection inspired by American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.
Now that the manual is published, it was time to put it into the hands of jewelry makers. We sent a blog hop kit to mostly inexperienced beaders to see if they were up to the challenge of creating a ring with seed beads.  We were sure that the big step-by-step photos and instructions would make them feel like there were in a classroom with Giovanna herself!
All the blog hoppers received a similar kit.  Various Czech seed beads, Wildfire beading thread, Dazzle-it beading needles and our new publication.  Not one project came back looking the same.  Here are their results.
Thank you again to everyone who joined the hop!  
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  1. My first bead weaving ever, Carmi! It was fun. Thanks to you and John Bead for including me.