Monday, December 22, 2014

My New Job at John Bead Corp!

I am excited to announce my new position at John Bead Corp. I have been working for John Bead for over two years managing several of their social media platforms.   My new title will be Social Media and Marketing Manager.

John Bead’s online presence includes websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter for four different company divisions.  I will be responsible for marketing John Bead Corp, The John Bead Outlet, Metal Complex and Dazzle-it on all our platforms.  There are also several new and significant web related projects scheduled for 2015.

John Bead has a catalog with 60,000 bead and craft products.  Since I absolutely love at least 59, 999 of them, you can imagine my excitement at working with everyone at the company in this new role.  2015 is going to be a very busy year!​


  1. Congratulations! Carmi, you are going to make and create great strides with the company.

  2. congratulations Carmi, John Bead is lucky to have you.