Friday, December 05, 2014

Do You Love Resin?

I have organized a special resin showcase for the last two years.
Gathering artists who work with resin or resin clay is my favorite collaborative project to coordinate.
This fall I organized the KLIK project.  
You can see the completely different projects that were submitted by all the artists who participated.

In 2013 I coordinated the "Resin Time is Anytime" project.
These projects were all so unique and different too.

So I am running a third one for 2015!

Do you love resin?

If you do and would like to submit a project which I will photograph and feature on my blog and pinterest please join me in my latest resin collaboration.

"For the love of Resin"

I will sent you two heart shaped bezels.  
One to keep and one to work in and return to me as your finished project.

The Deadline for returning your project will be January 15th.  
I live in Canada, so you will be mailing your project back to me here. 

You can use any resin or resin clay you like.  
The only rule is that you return your finished artwork by the deadline.  
I'll be responsible for photographing and uploading all the submissions.

Would you like to join the fun?  Beginners are welcomed and encouraged!

Send me an email with your mailing address and two bezels will be coming to you via the postman soon.

Carmi Cimicata



  1. I sent you an email to participate

  2. I would love to participate. I'll e-mail you.

  3. I'd love to participate in this, I'll be sending and email right away! (Theresa, borrowing her pup's account)