Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Broken Plate Pendants With Apoxie Clay

I have another craft to add to my very long list of hobbies.
It turns out I have a secret desire to do some mosaic work.
To make that possible, I am experimenting with a glass cutter.

Is there anything more exciting than up cycling a broken plate or vase?  
I took some broken plate pieces and made a set of pendants.
 I used Aves Apoxie Clay to glue in my plate portions.  I wanted the look you normally get when you grout tiles.  Then I simply pressed in my plate pieces into the bezels.  The clay air cures overnight.
 A surface dusting of Pearl-Ex is the reason why my pendant grout looks a little sparkly.
I always allow my Pearl-Ex to cure on the clay surface overnight.  Then simply brush away the excess powder, it will only cling to the clay.

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