Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Happy Flappers Necklace with Fabric by Kelly Panacci

I am starting this post with my finished design.
This necklace was inspired by a new line of fabric by Kelly Panacci.
I just love all the colours and creatures!
This blog post is also a cautionary tale.
It could just have easily been titled: 
"The Day Kelly Panacci Got Mugged at a CHA Canada Designers meeting."  
The picture above shows me at our meeting and Kelly is just to my right.
Hmmm.  Now that I look, it does seem like she moved away a little.

I have not spent any time with Kelly.  As a fellow Canadian designer I marveled how strange it was that we had never truly met and chatted.  When I heard she was willing to drive several hours to attend our meeting I was so pleased.  I have used so many of her products over the years that I guess I thought I knew her without an actual introduction.
 And then the incident occurred.
As our meeting was wrapping up, I CASUALLY asked Kelly what her current big projects were.
(I already know designer Roberta Birnbaum and Nancy Donaldson are saying that I am downplaying the conversation.)

So, I casually said "what is currently keeping you busy?"
And out from Kelly's bag came this collection of fabric she was just releasing with Riley Blake Designs.
"How exciting" I say.  "Is your name on the selvage?"
Isn't that just wonderful I say....
as I make no move to return the fabric stash to her.  
Even as the other girls gathered around...all I could think was MINE, MINE, MINE.
She really had no options.  
Eventually she said 
"well, if you think there is something you would like to do with the can keep the collection."
Tsk, tsk is all I heard being murmured in the background.
 So to make amends, I planned to make something truly spectacular to surprise Kelly.  
I took a small section of several of the pieces and made yo yos.
 I sewed some extra buttons to them.
 Then I made some fabric wrapped metal buttons and glued some embellishments to them.
 My individual pieces were looking great, but I wanted more.
 Out came the beads!  I work for John Bead people.  
Of course there would be beading!
 Awww.  Even I thought these owls look fabulous beaded.
 Then I built my necklace with metal filigree, hand sewing and some extra beading.
 When fabric is this good, it can be showcased.
Hopefully my reputation has been restored.
I do good things with good products!


  1. So, of course, you're sending the necklace to Kelly? This is truly stunning, Carmi! Amazing work and darling fabric to start!!

  2. Ha! Can't blame you there! That fabric is too cute. And I love what you did with it.

  3. Great and funny story, Carmi. Yes, you do "do good things with good products." The fabric is wonderful. I bet Kelly will be pleased.