Monday, November 17, 2014

Japanese Paper Flowers With Westcott Shredder Scissors

 This bouquet of paper flowers will add some extra colour to my studio on a day where the outdoors is completely white with snow.
 Westcott has special new scissor for anyone concerned about throwing important paperwork into the trash.  These paper shredders will turn any of your bank statements, bills ect into shredded piles of paper.  Of course, you can do more than shred paper.

 Anyone who has ever made paper flowers knows how long it takes to cut single slots into a folded piece of paper.  I decided to test the shredders on some of my Japanese papers.
 Thicker paper like this cuts beautifully.  
I don't think I could have done this with a single blade scissor.  
My patience for cutting so many strips isn't great.
 The width of the paper you cut with the shredders will determine how long the flower petals will be.
 Also, it is also a good idea to use paper like this one, which has colour on the back side.  
These flowers look the prettiest.
 I taped my flower to a wood dowel.  I did not have that green florist tape which would have made these stems green.  Instead, I taped my flower in place and spray painted the dowels gold.
 Looking at them at this point I thought they were pretty, 
but I wanted them to be even better.
 I decided to hot glue a button centre to each flower. 
Now I LOVE THE bouquet!


  1. Wow! These are so pretty! I am going to try this out right away! These would make a lovely Christmas setting decoration - I'll insert a gold or silver one in each napkin ring!

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  3. The buttons are the perfect touch. I agree with Brenda and I'm also imagining them tucked into napkin rings.