Thursday, November 27, 2014

How To Make a Bead Encrusted Resin Pendant By Accident

 This necklace photo can be found on my computer in a file called "Resin Disasters."
Over the one million times I have lectured people about resin,
 one of the points I always emphasize is this:
"When you pour and mix a batch of resin, 
you should be ready to use it and you should be focused."
Don't answer the phone, don't get distracted by children yada yada.  

So you can imagine what a dunce I felt like earlier this month, when I made a batch, went to do something else and remembered the resin I mixed almost an hour later.  

How I hate to waste resin!

 So I attempted to pull it out of the mixing cup, breaking my popsicle stick in the process.
At this point, it should have all gone into the trash.
 Undeterred, I made one last ditch attempt to save the resin.
I dumped a stash of beads on it.
Can you believe how great this looks?
I painted my exposed popsicle stick and drilled a hole, so I could string it onto a necklace.

The disaster pendant might just be a new favorite technique!


  1. Love it!! Its amazing what can come out of an accident or desperation. I think thats what makes it even more special. :)

  2. That's an amazing save, Carmi. You are brilliant and the pendant is beautiful!