Sunday, October 12, 2014

Queen of The Night - The Most Selfish Plant on Earth

This has been the year of The Queen Of The Night.
My Dad has been babysitting this plant for years and this summer we had a spectacular showing of flowers.  My original post about this plant explains how it only blooms once, in the dark.
These photographs were taken at 10pm at night.
This is my Queen of The Night that my Dad made for me with cuttings from his plant.  
I had one flower on it that I have been watching since August.  
On this day I thought it was close and meant to set an alarm to remind me to go downstairs to see it.
 But I didn't check.  
I am so mad at myself.
I am mad at the plant too.  
I'll have to wait at least a year to try to capture this flower again.
So much beauty.  No one got to see it.  
The after photo.  
This really is a one night only special.