Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Craft Your Stash - Fabulous New Book!

I have a whole new grouping of jewelry I can wear because 
I am participating in Lisa Fulmer's book launch this week.
Craft your stash is a much needed reminder to start using what is already in my studio.

My whole studio is a STASH!!  I could be under lock down for a decade and still keep crafting in here.

On Amazon I read this review from Margot Potter and thought "Yes, this is it."  Time to stash bust.

margot potter Published on Amazon.com
If you're a crafter, you are probably a hoarder. Admit it. It's okay, Lisa Fulmer's got your back. In fact, she has created a book filled with lovely stash busting DIY projects anyone would be proud to own or gift to a family member or friend. Every project is made from those bits and baubles you've got stuffed into boxes and drawers. No need to thank her, it's what she does. Lisa is an idea person. She's filled this book to the gills with great ideas. 

The book is indeed filled with ideas.  Even more will be generated through the amazing blog hop I am participating in today.  I have a link here to the list of bloggers.
 Let me begin my sharing with you some of my crafty stash collections.  
I LOVE these sew-on resin stones from Dazzle-it.   This is stash ONE.
 I turned the stones into beaded shapes for a blog post...and then never did anything with them.
 It was time to do something.  I gathered supplies from another site I write for which is Metal Complex.  
Metal Complex has these glue on snap bases making anything you attach them to, easy to incorporate into other components.  More on that shortly.
 Stash two is my collection of felt balls.  
I just love these.  Some were hand felted, some purchased.
 I cut a few of them in half!  
Then I glued some more snap bases to them.

 Stash three (of perhaps one thousand) are these vintage plastic brooches.
 I gathered a few brooches and some metal buttons 
(don't get me started on how many buttons I have) 
and glued on the snap base.
 Actually, I wonder how many buttons I have.....
 So, just by gluing on the snap bases I managed to accumulate this whole 
of DIY interchangeable jewelry components!  
Wahoo!  I think I am making progress here.
These are the Metal Complex KLIK components in my stash.....
As far as I am concerned, they are a blank canvas, just waiting for me to "KLIK" my DIY components into place.
So happy with my new pile of jewelry.
The best part is that I can mix and match to my hearts content.

Be sure to like the Craft your Stash fb page and be entered to win a crafty stash of cool products, including  Lisa’s book.
Signed copies of Craft Your Stash are available here.  Also available at local craft and book stores.
There 30 participants in this blog hop, so make sure to check here often to get the most current links!


  1. So much fun!! Thanks for being part of the tour!

  2. Hmmm.... This has possibilities!

  3. OMG!!! I think I just died and went to heaven!!! Yep! The angels are signing high praise for your stash and this awesome new book that I MUST HAVE!!!

  4. Love this and love the book!

  5. You're too funny, Carmi. "My whole studio is a STASH!! I could be under lockdown for a decade and still keep crafting in here."

    I love the snap idea for interchangeable jewelry components!

    The book look s like a must-have.