Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Crazy Cuff Five and My Links This Week

 Crazy cuff six is now wrapped up!
 It was a pleasure to sew this colour palette.  
It was completely inspired by these wooden buttons I bought in Paris several years ago.  
I am so happy to have finally used them!
 I am starting to run low on seed beads.  I need more colours!
 Happily I had enough to finish this project.
This cuff is going to be so fun to wear!

My Crafty and Bead Links this week!

I have now sewn my fourth crazy cuff and even I am stunned at how great this one turned out! So happy I gave up reading patterns and just started sewing!
I love to turn packaging into wearable art. This year’s tea box artwork made it even easier to design a necklace.

Has your mojo decided to go on holiday without you? Check out Rebecca’s post on how to get stuck back in to your jewellery making when you’ve lost your mojo!
“The Drunken Botanist” by Amy Stewart is an intoxicating exploration of the botanical histories of some of our favorite beverages. See how this book inspired a group of artists and jewelry-makers!
I ask because it’s really starting to feel like one. And I remodeled it on less than $15!
Cyndi managed to finish her June piece for the Bead Journal Project with a little time to spare…but only a little!

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