Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Westcott Scissors and Jewelry Clay

Is it possible to make the world's favorite scissors even better?
Yes, if you decorate them with crystals and beads!
 This weekend I taught a class at the CHA Canada Designer, Educator and Creative Professional retreat.  Westcott provided all the participants with several sets of scissors.
Prior to the class I designed this simple tutorial.  
I made small batches of Jewelry Clay and applied it to the scissors in an area my hands would not come into contact with when I used the scissors to cut anything.  My heart and squiggles are a great example.
 I pressed crystals into place and added some tiny glass beads.
 I have a bowl of tiny glass beads, so I always press my projects lightly into this container.
 The glass beads stick to the clay in areas I did not press in bigger crystals.
My final step is to apply some Pearl-Ex powders, in case any clay does not have a bead or crystal pressed into it.
 I allow the Pearl-Ex and clay to air cure overnight.  The next day I brush away the excess powder and my scissors are ready to be used.
 This crystal heart means no one can "borrow" my scissors by accident.
 Once you add a small crystal feature, it is hard to stop.  I thought I would show the participants in my workshop how much more you can do,
 When you give designers a blank surface of any kind, they will come up with truly unique ways to decorate it.
Here are just a few of the scissors designed in my class!
Thank you to Westcott and ETI for sponsoring this class!


  1. They sure are pretty, Carmi, but won't they be uncomfortable to hold and use?

  2. No Eileen, I held the scissors in my hand to see what areas I come into contact with when I cut. I only covered the areas I did not ever touch...a few others went over the top though! It is so much fun to do. I am going to cover the second side now!