Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kumihimo with Sari Yarn

My new kumihimo bracelet was a fun experiment.
For over a year I have been posting kumihimo projects on my own blog and for  My kumihimo disk has really been tested.  
 Over the weekend I decided to see how it might handle some strips of sari fabric and some rat tail for stability.
The braid could not be prettier.
I will continue to experiment with different fibers in my disk.


  1. I got my kumihimo board ans was raring to go when an expert told me I needed to start with just fiber - not what I had in mind. Now that I see how lovely it can be, I'm osyched again. Thank you, Carmi.

  2. Thanx Carmi. I am doing kumihimo straps for a necklace right now. I appreciated your Pinterist board with so many patterns on it.