Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Junk Jewelry Haul

This is my weekend haul of vintage and junk jewels.
I have an antique market ten minutes away and there is a vendor who only sells new, old and vintage jewelry.  The prices are great and the market regular adds 20% discounts.
I get asked all the time about where I find my unique components and embellishments.  This is what I look for.

 I would never wear this bracelet but I do love the ceramic flowers.
 This old necklace is from the 50s and beyond repair.....But I just had to have these two minature birdies.
 This is all that I kept from the necklace.
 This pendant looks hand crafted.  I love it and threw away the cord.
 These dried flowers were beautifully soldered in place.  It deserves a much better necklace.
 This glazed piece is just gorgeous.  I can't wait to incorporate it with different beads.
 This $1 spoon is going to be great when I cut it and turn the deer portion into a pendant.
In the end, this is what I kept from the original haul.  They are now clean and sorted.When faced with a pile of junk jewelry to look through I always look for genuine components like glass, ceramic and metal.  Most plastic beads and cords I toss.


  1. Thank you for sharing! These are beautiful pieces to look at now! Can't wait to see what you're going to create!

  2. Great finds. I love the birds too, as well as the ceramic pendant.

    Thanks of the shopping tips ;-)

  3. Those are some AMAZING pieces! But can I tell you, the two pieces I'd love to know the provenance on are the amazing spoon and the little birdie necklace. They just look like they have to be an interesting story!

  4. really educational in a great way--with lots of photos! I loved it, thanks! jean