Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Junk Jewelry Haul

This is my weekend haul of vintage and junk jewels.
I have an antique market ten minutes away and there is a vendor who only sells new, old and vintage jewelry.  The prices are great and the market regular adds 20% discounts.
I get asked all the time about where I find my unique components and embellishments.  This is what I look for.

 I would never wear this bracelet but I do love the ceramic flowers.
 This old necklace is from the 50s and beyond repair.....But I just had to have these two minature birdies.
 This is all that I kept from the necklace.
 This pendant looks hand crafted.  I love it and threw away the cord.
 These dried flowers were beautifully soldered in place.  It deserves a much better necklace.
 This glazed piece is just gorgeous.  I can't wait to incorporate it with different beads.
 This $1 spoon is going to be great when I cut it and turn the deer portion into a pendant.
In the end, this is what I kept from the original haul.  They are now clean and sorted.When faced with a pile of junk jewelry to look through I always look for genuine components like glass, ceramic and metal.  Most plastic beads and cords I toss.