Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kumihimo Love

 This new kumihimo necklace and bracelet has a colour palette designed to match my special pendant.
 I filled my Instant Glam by Fernando bezel with all sorts of items; charms, chain, broken jewelry components and a frozen Charlotte vintage doll.  I featured this on Resin Crafts blog earlier this week.

 I used a unique assortment of stringing material to create the braid.
 It was an absolute pleasure to make. 
  It took be about an hour and a half to make a braid long enough for my necklace and bracelet.

 Here is a closer look at the braid itself.
 John Bead has some truly beautiful hook and eye end caps to choose from.  This one worked beautifully because my braid was very thick.
The bracelet is especially pretty with the end cap set!

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  1. I was never that interested in these types of corded bracelets, the ones I've seen always look like they could be mountain climbing cord or something of that nature. Wow, yours is so pretty, I may have to get one of those disc's and directions and try!