Thursday, February 27, 2014

French Brooch Necklace

 This new necklace is a fun recycling project!
 On one of my annual trips to Paris I came across this group of brooches in a department store sale bin.  The $3 Euro price tag had me scoop up the pile.  They were so unique and appeared to be handcrafted.  I knew I could do something with them.
 My first task was to cut away the back and remove the stuffing.
 Then I cut a new felt back for each piece.
 The brooches look so much better shown as a group.
 I hand stitched the backs and then joined all the brooches together.
An interesting gold chain completed my project.
Now I have a necklace I can wear this April in Paris!

1 comment:

  1. April in Paris - oh my! Have a wonderful time. I'm listening to the Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong version right now.

    What a unique piece of wearable art. I'm sure it will garner lots of admiring looks.