Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Phoomph and Vintage Crazy Quilt Block

This necklace was a labour of love.  
It features a vintage crazy quilt block which I purchased through an antique linen seller.
Here is the quilt block.  I am so intrigued by the idea of women using up their left over fabrics to create such amazing stitched artwork.  This small piece needed to be saved.
For the project to begin I needed felt, my vintage block and Phoomph.

 Phoomph is my new favorite way to save these linens and turn them into jewelry components.    Phoomph is a double sided, fabric bonding sheet that creates a brand new way to craft with fabric. There is no ironing required making fabric crafts fun and safe for all ages. It can even be used with Die Cutting Machines and Dies 
 The back of my quilt block shows you all the decorative hand stitching that this quilter added to the block.  I wanted to protect these stitches so attaching sticky Phoomph to this side kept the stitches secured.
 Here is my quilt sandwich.  The quilt, double sided Phoomph and felt.  Everything is securely adhered with no extra work on my part.
 I used my die cutting machine to cut several oval and circle shapes.
 Such a neat and tidy bundle!
 Then over several days I hand-beaded the edges.  A relaxing and pleasurable task.
My last step was to plan out my necklace.  These pieces were sewn together and then I attached my ribbon necklace.

I just LOVE IT!!

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  1. What a great idea - love this!

  2. So where can one get one's hands on Phoomph in Ontario?

  3. What a wonderful idea. beautfully executed as well! Thanks for sharing the how-to.

  4. Wow, Carmi... such a compelling way to use these true miniature works of art!

  5. Phoomph is a Coats and Clark product. I would go to their website.