Thursday, January 30, 2014

Crafter's Companion Peter Rabbit Baby Mobile

The "Peter Rabbit Baby Mobile" features some of my favorite imagery from The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
 There are so many wonderful Crafter's Companion CD Roms available that feature artwork that is easy to download and then print on fabric.  For my baby mobile I selected six images from the Crafter's Companion Peter Rabbit Crafting CD Rom.    I printed these images on cotton and also printed matching fabrics for the reverse of the tiny pillows.
 Each Peter Rabbit pillow is 2 x 2 inches and stuffed with lightweight poly-fil.  I sewed a tiny jump ring to each so that they would be easy to attach to my yarn mobile.   Ordinarily I bead the edges of these soft tiny pillows. Even though my mobile is not meant to be played with and should hang over a baby crib, I still wanted to be sure that a baby could not chew on any beading.  Also, everything is so soft and lightweight, bumping your head or the baby’s head into this mobile will be painless.
A thin wire running through yarn gave my mobile cords shape.  
I think the colours and the images will keep a baby pre-occupied.
It really is adorable.  I may just have to leave it dangling in my studio!


  1. It is adorable. I wouldn't mind having one of those dangling over my head when I awoke either.