Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More Fabulous Fabric Cameos

These are the Fabulous Fabric Cameos I made for my class at the Creativ Festival in October.

 I might not have gone down this road if it wasn't for Westcott Scissors.  
They invited me to come up with a class idea which they sponsored.  Truly, it was my job!
 In the class, I demonstrated techniques on three different samples, which I finished last week.  I hate to leave projects unfinished.   These beaded pieces are easily completed if I keep a project tray handy in the family room.  Most people watch television.  I do too, accept by the evening end, I have a finished project to enjoy.
 This week I have been working on new cameos.
 This one showcases our first puppala; Mr. Shadow, the King of the Goldens.
 My art deco post card collection is also coming to life.
These pieces work because I am using Phoomph as my liner.  Phoomph is a Coats and Clark new product that I continue to be enamoured with.  Happily, they supplied my entire class with Phoomph and continue to provide me with samples.
And finally, a favorite image digitized by Susan Williamson made for this super sample.

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