Monday, October 14, 2013

Vin Diesel Multistrand Necklace

It is a long weekend for us in Canada and I allowed myself the time to complete this multistrand necklace.  I have been wanting to see the new Riddick movie with Vin Diesel but I swore I would not go until this necklace was finished.  
I will be at the theatre this week for sure!
This summer, while I waited for the new movie to be released I made up these resin filled bezels that feature scenes from the first two movies.  I love the Riddick series.  If someone says Vin Diesel, I automatically say "I just love him."  I am sure it gets tiresome around the house to hear me say that every time the movie trailer gets shown...
(My love for Riddick is matched by my love for THOR....that may need to be the next theme necklace.)
Then I got super busy.
I made a pile on my workbench of everything I thought I might use to make up this new theme necklace.  The stack got higher and higher.
On Friday, I started my project by selecting a fairly heavy chain to work with.  Then I attached my resin filled bezels in place and started adding components around them.
This is the first strand.  The agate slices were perfect for my project.
The second strand.
The final strand (and the heaviest) was a joy to create.
There are two quotes that I live by in the studio.  
I can't do simple.  I have tried and clearly I love to over-embellish.  I'm not alone.
This necklace has so many components on it.  I don't think my camera can really show it to you in one picture.
When I wear it I will remember what a wonderful and relaxed time I had making it.
No deadline.  Just a desire to complete it for myself.


  1. Very cool - can't wait to see the Thor necklace (don't forget the runes!)

  2. I am with you. I love the Riddick series. I like Vin diesel in most of his movies and shows. Great job!