Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Kumihimo Cord Madness

 I had some time to myself last week and did a massive studio clean up.
What takes so long is being distracted by finding so many things I have purchased and not used.
This new kumihimo piece is a result of my reorganization.
 I have one shopping rule that I try and live by.  Rather unsuccessfully.
It only applies during my spring trip to Paris.
I can't buy more of something if I already have it and didn't use it. 
These fabulous thick cords are from a cool shop in Paris.  They are three years old, and I bought eight to ten different cords not having a clue why I would need them.  
I want to buy new cords on my next trip, so it was time to use up my stash.  The thin cords are rattail and waxed cotton.
 Setting up a kumihimo disk with thick and thin cords is easy...but the cords should not be forced into the slots.  I hang them off the edge.
The results are fabulous!

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