Monday, August 05, 2013

Charm Bracelet to Necklace

This post is dedicated to my maid of honour and oldest friend; Fran.  
I told her when she performed that role that
 I would introduce her as my maid for decades to come....
Many years ago Fran began buying me charms for my charm bracelet.  We traveled a lot together for work and so many of these charms have wonderful memories attached to them.   The charm bracelet became full, more time passed, and I forgot about it until recently.
I have newer friends who have found charms for me and recently my niece got me this special oyster pearl charm from Florida.  
It reminded me that I have a studio full of charms.....
So I started attaching them to a longer chain.
Then I needed a few rows of chain.
And now I know there probably isn't enough chain to hang everything I want to hang.....
So for now, my necklace is quite full.
My charms are wearable again.
Love you Fran!


  1. Absolutely stunning and so meaningful.

  2. Absolutely stunning. A great way to treasure and display such precious memories.