Thursday, July 04, 2013

Canada's Longest Charm Bracelet

A funny thing started happening to me in June.
I got hooked on adding fun and shiny components to chain.
I am coordinating a special event for the John Bead Outlet that starts tomorrow night at the Taste of Lawrence.  We have an interactive booth which will encourage kids and their parents to help us make the worlds longest ( and perhaps brightest) charm bracelet.
We have been gathering and packing all sorts of fun and colourful supplies to take to the event.  Our special booth will be set up so kids (and kids of all ages) can add anything that strikes their fancy to our 100 meters of chain.
I made the first two feet of chain in order to have photos to show you what we were making.
Then I made another foot or two thinking it might be nice to have a sample for everyone to see when they arrive.
Then I fell in love with pom poms.  I can’t stop adding bling to this chain!  Do come visit me and add a foot or two to the chain too…..otherwise before you know it I will have filled the 100 meters by myself!
You’ll find our booth is the Dulux parking lot!
Here is a link to everything happening this weekend at the John Bead Outlet.
Here is the link to the Taste of Lawrence.

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