Friday, June 07, 2013

Neon Interchangeable Necklaces for Perles et cetera Magazine

These necklaces are going to make my summer bright!
I designed them for the spring issue of Perles et cetera.
My original idea for a summer necklace was to create something lightweight and bright. I wanted something unusual to pair with all the neon colours being showcased in the fashion world.
Last year while in Paris, I noted the use of neon in so many different displays and product groupings.  I fell in love with the hot pinks and yellows.  I can’t wait to add some neon to my own wardrobe!
To begin my summer jewelry collection I started by creating some kumihimo braids on my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk.  Hot pink looked fabulous.
I also had a spool of bright Dazzle-it rainbow rattail.  I thought I would see what a kumihimo braid would look like using this multicolour spool.
I combined it with some gold rattail and created a very unique braid.
Now, I was torn between the rainbow colour braid and the hot pink braid so I made a new decision. Why not make several interchangeable necklaces?
Dazzle-it has ten neon Ori crystal colours in its collection.  I chose three two tone colours; pink/white, green/yellow and orange/yellow.
I made each necklace interchangeable by adding two clasps to each side of the necklace. I have the option of wearing it with the kumihimo braid showing or the crystals.  I can also interchange all the braids and crystal strands.
If I am feeling daring, I can wear all the necklaces at once!
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  1. Love your ideas,i find extra inspiration from them and i bought a kumihimo disc just two days ago and can't wait to start braiding some colourfull necklaces!