Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phoomph I Am In Love!

 This project was made possible because of a new product I now LOVE!

 Have you heard about phoomph?
It puts the OOMPH to fabric!
From the moment I saw a project on line I knew I had to get my hands on it.  Happily, I had a meeting at Coats and Clark last month and Lori Tarantini placed a package into my willing hands!

 You don't need an iron to adhere fabric to the front and back 
of this super thick bonding sheet.
I knew that I would use it to make a piece of wearable art so this weekend I finally got a chance to print my postcard imagery onto fabric.
 I simply pressed my fabric sheet to the phoomph surface.
 You can see the little bit of extra phoomph here.
 Then I selected some pretty fabric for the back and pulled out the scissors that make this project event easier....
 These are my Westcott ExtremeEdge Titanium scissors.  They cut through all the layers with ease and not one bit of phoomph stuck to the blade.  The phoomph is wonderfully sticky!  When you trim like I did in an oval it was remarkable to see that there were no frayed edges from either side of my project.  My fabric is permanently adhered.
 The stiff structure allowed me to hand-sew rhinestone chain along all the edges.  It accepts a needle perfectly and sewing these ovals was a relaxed holiday weekend project.
My last steps were to simple join all my pieces to create what must surely be my best collar necklace ever!

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  1. Now that is way cool! I can really see the benefits of having that! What a "phoomph" to my designs.