Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cousin Slider Bracelet- The Paris Window Box

 Here I am in the middle of an April snowstorm creating the most colorful bracelet!
These DIY slider bracelets are so easy to make.  Cousin sent me a set that included leather, slides and clasps.  They have a how-to video and many samples already on line for you to see.
My metal slide (shown circled) is already pretty, but I wanted to personalize it a little.
So out came a very special box of beads.  This is my stash of beads from Paris.  I buy a little every year from the same vendor in the antique market and I always feel special when I add them to something I am wearing.
 The shape of the slider made me think of a Paris window box.  I wire wrapped my beads in place with some very thin wire.
 Once I was done wire wrapping all I had to do was slide my new metal slide onto the leather and also slide on the two matching smaller components.  I glued on my clasp and waited for everything to be dry.
Isn't if wonderful?  This is the easiest DIY ever!

What I used:
Cousin Leather 34740058
Cousin Metal Clasp 34740006
Cousin Metal Slider Set 3470011
Quick Hold Adhesive
Wire and a few vintage beads.

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  1. Oh Carmi! This is perfectly stunning! Even my husband loved it!
    You always amaze me!!! What a gorgeous piece!
    love, jean