Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Sorting Project

 My friend Ara made this for me.  I am pulling it out to wear on Sunday because it makes me feel like I am bringing a little extra sunshine with me.
Don't you love it?

Today I have a huge sorting task.  I bought new drawer units for my jewelry and I am going to finally get all of it arranged by category and type!

Here are this week's bead blogger links!

Tammy takes another look at Jewelry Stringing magazine. 

Brandi pulls out some delicious colour palettes from some of ChelleV2's beautiful handmade ceramic beads.

Making a mold and then working with the duplicated item can create stunning new wearable art! 

Tammy Powley has a super giveaway going on on her blog! Read all about it on Jean's!  

Andrew started a book club... with a twist! "Inspired by Reading Book Club" is a fun, interactive way to explore literature and create!