Monday, February 25, 2013

Bindy Lambell's Fish Leather Cuff

This fabulous bracelet was created by Bindy Lambell!  She does not have a blog and is in a blog hop I organized for John Bead this week so I decided to post all her instructions so you could see how she created this cuff.
I sent her one brass cuff and this purple fish leather.
Trace the cuff onto the leather and cut it out leaving a 1/2 margin all the way around the leather so it will wrap to the inside of the cuff. You can also do this with a piece of paper if you are not comfortable cutting out the leather first.
Make sure on the rounded ends that you make snips up to but not past the cuff so it will make it easier to glue the leather to the inside of the cuff.
Glue wrong side of leather to the right side of the cuff
The cuff is lined with black felt too!  Using the piece of paper that you traced before, providing you did us a paper pattern, cut out the same shape 1/16th of an inch smaller than the cuff and glue to the inside of the cuff out of black felt.
 Use a cabachon or jewel and glue to a piece of the leather leaving 1/2 margin all the way around the stone.
Do an even peyote stitch around the cabachon for 4 rows and then on the last row use a contrasting color, knot and cut the thread.
For my piece I used a radical increase just for 2 rows to give it some demention using the purple beads. Bring the thread to the back of the leather and knot it.
The last row on the outside is just a fringe stitch using whatever you have available. I put larger black flowers on the top and bottom of the oval cabachon just to give interest.
Glue your finished cabachon to the middle of the bracelet. You can either stop there or put flowers on each side of your beaded cabachon as I did.
Thank you so much.

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