Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kumihimo and Gold Fish

 This necklace features a really unique piece I made for Resin Crafts Blog.  It deserved a super necklace so I made this kumihimo cord.

And now for my Sunday Bead Blogger links:

Do you enjoy altering store bought beads? Lisa's looking for thoughts on the "blue wash" she's working on.

Get hammered and make some pretty Valentine's Day jewelry. 

Cyndi has been gathering up some of the best business advice that she came across this past year.

Now that Carmi has a new resin clay to work with, options are endless for mold making!

The Memories and Thanks Blog Hop which was orchestrated by the wonderful Lori Anderson was very moving to participate in. Jean thanks a young friend of her son Robert for her devotion and for everything she has done for Jean's family!

Andrew shares three class samples he made using Premium Seed Bead Mixes and peyote stitch.