Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Tarn Rose Ring How-To!

Tarn Flower Ring - By Carmi
T-shirt strips stretched into t-shirt yarn is known as Tarn.

Thank you to WESTCOTT for inviting me to design a series of Tarn projects. 
At the side of this blog is a link section to all my Tarn projects. Also, if you google “TARN” or “t-shirt yarn”  you won’t believe all the great samples and how-to’s you will find.
You need pins, fabric glue, tarn and some felt to start.

About two feet of tarn will roll/twist into the flower shape I really like.  I pin my flower as I shape it.

It usually takes 4-5 pins to hold my flower shape together.

I decide which is the front side and flip the “tail” to the backside.
 I cut a piece of felt, which will cover the back of my flower.  I do this by eye and when I am happy that my felt shape will cover the back I get ready to glue.

I try to apply my glue to the back everywhere but along the edges.  When you press the felt circle in place…glue squishes to the sides and this way I don’t have glue visible.
  See…no glue along the edge!
 When my glue is firmly in place (3-4 minutes) I remove the pins.  
I try and let the flower dry over night.

A ring blank (shown) or pin bar is ideal to turn the flower into something wearable.  You can buy these at a craft store or recycle a ring you no longer wear.  
Hot glue is best to attach metal to felt, so I use a glue gun.

Would you like to make a "tarn rose ring" with me?   
I will be running a make and take at two events this fall.  
On Friday October 12 from 1-4pm I am at The Creativ Festival in Toronto in the CRAFTING FOR A CURE BOOTH.
November 2/3 I'll be at Cropfest in Cambridge in the Westcott Booth.

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