Monday, October 15, 2012

Teaching TARN to Both Young and Old

Westcott asked me to demonstrate TARN ring making in the 
Crafting for a Cure booth at the Creativ Festival on Friday.  
T-shirt strips, stretched into yarn = Tarn.  See side of blog for all TARN projects.
 I forgot that kids and young people would be at the show.  
It was fun to explain the idea of TARN to this generation.
 It was also nice to meet young people who craft!
 This young girl taught me more than I taught her.
 She explained finger knitting to me...and did a demo for several of us using TARN.
 Fascinating!  I need to watch the YouTube videos to learn more about this technique!
And finally, this lady was a hoot.  She was determined to make a match her ring.  She just stayed at the demo table until I packed up around her.  
It was a great day to be at the Creativ Festival and I really enjoyed 
walking and shopping at the show that evening!

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