Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am Teaching Kumihimo in Cambridge!

Date:  Saturday November 17, 2012  
Time:  1pm - 3pm 
Location: The Art House Studio (40 Ainslie St N, Cambridge ON)
In this special class you will learn the simple but elegant craft known as Kumihimo.
Kumihimo meaning "braiding" in Japanese, has a long and prolific history in Japan.  During the Middle Ages, Samurai Warriors would braid 800-1000 ft of cord to be used in a suit of armor during battle.  In 18th and 19th century, Kumihimo became popular amongst weavers and other textile enthusiast.  The hand held Kumihimo disks are a modern adaption of the original tool used by Japanese craftsman to produce many various styles of braid.
Carmi will teach you the classic 8-strand braid, which is the basis for every project you see here.  Once you make a braid with rattail, the most popular Kumihimo stringing material, you'll understand why adding new and exciting fibers will make your braids one of a kind.
For almost a year Carmi has been posting samples and "how-tos" on for the John Bead Kumihimo products launch.  She also has many more samples on her blog
Class Supplies Needed 
To take this class you need good hand eye coordination.  The braiding goes quickly. If you have a fishing weight (fishermen know what I mean) that will be helpful but not necessary.   Scissors.  Feel Free to take notes or pictures.
Class Kit You Receive
Will include a Kumihimo Disk, one complete findings set, rattail and instructions.
Teacher will supply string for knotting, glue, toothpicks, wire/paper clips and rattail.
My mind is swimming with ideas on how to incorporate this braiding technique in my wearable art projects!   HOPE YOU CAN COME!!

or call Karen at The Art House Studio 519 267 6620

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  1. Maybe there'll be a class in downtown Toronto sometime? :D

    Love your stuff!

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