Monday, July 30, 2012

Gaining Inspiration From The Antique Market

 There is nothing I enjoy more than a beautiful Sunday at an antique market!
The sky was blue, the vendors were plentiful and we had no agenda what so ever.
It was great to just walk around with my camera capturing inspired merchandise. 
I loved this collection of cat paintings. 
 I wonder if one person owned all the pieces? 
 Barbie looked like she was enjoying herself too.
 Don't you love it when someone drives a vintage car to a vintage market?
 Everywhere you look you see something fun, retro or collectible.
 This car made a big impression on me.  
I was thinking how great that teal looked with hot red.
I finished this sample for the John Bead blog when I got home.
I even found a few vintage jokes.
I was very grateful to have had this wonderful day out!


  1. At the risk of dating myself, I remember those cat pictures and the Campbell's Kids! What a fun trip down memory lane.

  2. What great finds. I love the flea market, too. You're right, there's better than going there just to look and be inspired.

  3. I was glad to bump into you there! BTW the cat stuff was part of the owner's private collection. She is a cat collector but had to down size since she was moving...

    Sandy xox