Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Workroom - My First Class

 Every time I walk by my sewing table today I just have to smile.
I made these two zipper pouches in my class last night at The Workroom.
 I have been wanting to take a class at The Workroom for YEARS!  My friend Ludgera has been raving about them and I am certain she has taken all the classes.  Every time I got their email announcing the next month of classes I would review my calendar.  This month I was going no matter what.  With an advance list of items needed, I came to the class prepared to use these fabrics from my stash.
 After about an hour and a half, my first zippered pouch was done!  The pattern was amazing.  We actually worked on two pouches at the same time.  Happily, my zipper sewing skills were good.
 I used two different panels to create my first pouch.  I was so impressed with how this turned out I couldn't wait to work on the second sample.
 Each pouch is something I could use.  
I wasn't done one sample before I was planning out the next 20 I'll be making.  
I can easily change the pattern to create different sizes.
 The best part?  The pouches are lined!!!  How super is that?  I had no idea I could sew up something this pretty and professionally finished in one class.
 I even had time to shop.....yes I know, I need more fabric like a hole in the head.....but who can resist fat quarters like this?
Finally, I am in love with the studio dog.  Any place that creates an atmosphere that is good for humans and a dog is wonderful in my book.  I hope to take a second class soon!  
There are several sewing schools in Toronto.  I am hoping to visit them all as a summer project.


  1. I've almost signed up for these classes so many times. I wish the studios were closer to where I live. Looks like fun!

  2. Looks like fun and that dog is adorable.

  3. You did a fabulous job, Carmi!

    The class sounds like so much fun. TFS.

  4. Beautiful zipper bags! Now you have one for every project. You got an excuse to buy lots of fat quarters. Do I love my serger to have a nice finish inside.

  5. I wish I had more time and could sew again. These look like great quick projects too.

  6. I'm behind on my blog reading,Carmi :) Isn't the workroom great? It's about a 5 minute walk from home. 4 minutes if I walk fast :)Too much temptation!