Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Workroom - My First Class

 Every time I walk by my sewing table today I just have to smile.
I made these two zipper pouches in my class last night at The Workroom.
 I have been wanting to take a class at The Workroom for YEARS!  My friend Ludgera has been raving about them and I am certain she has taken all the classes.  Every time I got their email announcing the next month of classes I would review my calendar.  This month I was going no matter what.  With an advance list of items needed, I came to the class prepared to use these fabrics from my stash.
 After about an hour and a half, my first zippered pouch was done!  The pattern was amazing.  We actually worked on two pouches at the same time.  Happily, my zipper sewing skills were good.
 I used two different panels to create my first pouch.  I was so impressed with how this turned out I couldn't wait to work on the second sample.
 Each pouch is something I could use.  
I wasn't done one sample before I was planning out the next 20 I'll be making.  
I can easily change the pattern to create different sizes.
 The best part?  The pouches are lined!!!  How super is that?  I had no idea I could sew up something this pretty and professionally finished in one class.
 I even had time to shop.....yes I know, I need more fabric like a hole in the head.....but who can resist fat quarters like this?
Finally, I am in love with the studio dog.  Any place that creates an atmosphere that is good for humans and a dog is wonderful in my book.  I hope to take a second class soon!  
There are several sewing schools in Toronto.  I am hoping to visit them all as a summer project.