Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Making Flowers With Martha Stewart Knitting and Weaving Loom

 I love fiber wearables!
 The Shopping Channel had the Martha Steward Knitting and Weaving loom on-air earlier this year and I managed to buy a few sets for family and friends at a super price.  Lucky I didn't wait because they did sell out of the kits.  I'll let you know if they get in any more!  
I am using the mini configuration Martha recommends to make flowers!
 They really do look amazing!
 I made this grouping and decided that I just had to find a way to wear them.
My necklace is so soft!
 Once you make one flower...you end up making a bunch more!  I kept wanting to see how different fibers would look.
 The starting point for the flower is a simple knot at one edge.
 I do not have a shortage of options.
Who wouldn't embellish?  Here we have a felt ball cut in half.
 My resin filled bezels look pretty good as do buttons of all types!
 This yarn needs no embellishment...accept for this little felt ball.
 I didn't even know I had this yarn...when did I buy this?
Finally, I tested some silk thread.
Now I know why someone who doesn't knit or crochet has been hoarding yarn....I was clearly waiting for this tool!


  1. i love them all, so much fun!!

  2. The necklace is stunning, Carmi! They're all gorgeous. Since I don't have a Martha Stewart loom, I'm thinking I might try this using my wire jig board. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

  3. Me again. I Pinned and Tweeted ;-)