Thursday, April 05, 2012

How To Make a Dog The Easter Bunny

 Friends and family are receiving 
a special Easter card this year.
 I hate to let a holiday go by without mailing something special to the children in my life.  For Easter I decided to get Magnus involved.
 Magnus did not like his bunny ears.  At all.
 Many, many photo shoots were required to get him used to the ears.  I spent more time chasing him so he wouldn't chew them, then actually photographing him.  Our new neighbors must think I am one odd dog lady.

 I know I could have just put the ears on his head digitally....but it seemed like it would be cheating.  In the end, this was the best photo so I erased all the grass and added in my happy spring back ground.
 The sentiments for the card I downloaded from a favorite UK site; Pink Petticoat.
Magnus really is our Easter Treat!


  1. I am ROFL!!!!! Poor MAgnus.
    Happy Easter Carmi.s

  2. OMG!!! i got a picture in my mind of you running around your yard in a bath robe with curlers in your hair trying to get magnus to sit for the photo!!!LOL

  3. I agree with Candace - poor Magnus! Thanks for my morning laugh!

  4. LOL... snort... loving the image you put in my head this morning. LOL. Makes a GREAT card, though -- crazy dog lady :)

  5. Thank you for making me chortle today. I tried the bunny ears on the cats, nope!

  6. Happy Easter Dog Lady.

  7. I sure hope the kiddies appreciate your efforts. I too am picturing you running around the yard after Magnus.
    I can just see the neighbors gathering at their windows. "Burt, would you come look at this. Has she gone completely bonkers?" lol.