Monday, April 09, 2012

Frida Inspired Necklace - A Year in the Making

 I feel so good about this post today!  
This necklace took almost a year to complete.
 It began last year in Provence, France when I took this picture of an amazing necklace!  (Yes, 550 Euros was the price, hence the picture.)   When I came home, I printed this image and placed it over my jewelry area.
 Then came the distractions.  
We had our house for sale and we bought and renovated a new home.  Things needed to be packed up and unfortunately this peacock did not survive the move.  It fell and sadly some of the feathers broke.
 Hmmmm.  I can do something with this metal.
 I started to make some patterns and flowers.
 I pulled out a few extra things too.  During the pack up I discovered lots of things I had forgotten about.  They got added to a tray I set up for my future necklace.
 On a day I had a little time I used some resin clay to build my flower components.
 I actually moved this tray by placing it onto the passenger seat of my van and driving it over to my new home studio.  
But then the tray sat again.  Something was missing.
 I found this vintage chain at my local antique market.  That's what it needed!
 Then I brought in The Finisher.  
My friend Nancy is the super hero who finishes my projects.....when I just can't.
 The necklace turned out amazing!  Then Nancy saw that there were leftovers and she created a matching bracelet!
 Isn't her wire work amazing!
A year ago I took this picture.
A year later my inspired necklace is complete.


  1. i forgot how great this came out!!!
    great design, i had fun helping you

  2. Wow what a team you've become. How clever.

  3. Not only is it a gorgeous necklace, it's a work of art. Love it.