Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BHV Department Store for Notions and Craft Supplies

It rained all day today. 
 So glad my spring coat has a hood.  I needed it!
I found this little jacket in a store I popped in to get my Magnus a new french collar and leash!
 I spent a few hours at BHV today.  I am not sure what to compare this store to.  It would be like a Target or Zellers...but for me it is one of the funnest in Paris because it still sells craft and sewing supplies.  They have things I can't get at home.  These are some of the images from the notions department.
 This is such a great way to sell your wares!
 I just worked on a head for a charity auction...wish I had seen this idea before I completed that project!
 Isn't this wonderful?
 BHV is great for crafty people.
 I really enjoyed my time on this floor.
Here are my ribbon choices getting sorted and measured. 
I have more pictures from the art supply level in my next post.