Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Two Gifts Lead To One Necklace (so far)

 I finished this late last night and it made me so happy!  I did not expect to make something for myself this week.
 But the glass beads I received as a gift from Bindy Lambell at CHA have been sitting in my line of vision since I got home.  Aren't they amazing?
 I also received this stash of components from Candie Cooper.  Candie was demoing "Bling Rings" in the Plaid booth at CHA and since I could never get to her table, she made me a little bag to take home.
 I decided to embed my components into some clay in a bezel.......the pink and aqua bezel was clearly inspired by Bindy's beads!  I didn't even think about the colours until everything was dry.
 I really like each of these.
But my pink heart belongs with Bindy's glass.  Makes me long for spring time!

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